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Marc R. Sherland

E-mail Address: marc@poets-writers.co.uk
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Web site: http://www.poets-writers.co.uk/

A Biography

Born in Kent, I relocated with my family in Scotland when only two years old. A humanist, influenced by Zen, my written work frequently features pan-religious philosophies. A poet and writer I live and am based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am studying with the Open University leading towards a degree in the Humanities and I contribute regularly to the online poetry and writing forums which the OU supports.

I have had work published in NOMAD 14; “Something to Say”; “Written in Ink”; "The Place Within" and the 2003/2004 Church Action on Poverty UK leaflets. In 2004 I was a named performer at the Glasgow University “Write to the Point” Conference.

I am a member of Erskine Writers’ Group, founder member of Tollcross Writers’ Group and facilitator of Larkfield Writers’ Group since 2004.

In 2005, I penned a short story “Time Prisoner” as the first story, written as a member of Larkfield Writers Group, which has been selected for publication by the Scottish Literary Magazine “Cutting Teeth”.

At the 2005 Scottish Association of Writers’ Conference I submitted a short story titled “Bottling It” which was awarded a highly commended status, this looks likely to be published in the UK Literary Magazine, Gold Dust in the Autumn.

Poetic Dedications:

My English teacher the Late Mr. Duncan Caldwell of Greenock High School, was the principal supporter of all those with talent, or simply trying to achieve and I believe that I would not be writing if not for him.

When Alasdair Gray (of 'Lanark' fame) was the Glasgow University, writer in residence, I received his personal tuition, which enabled me to pare down and re-examine the structure of my poetry

Who were your influences?

Edwin Morgan, who should be knighted for his international work promoting the art of poetry in Scotland; Shakespeare, for his perfection of the sonnet; Wendy Cope, for her confection of the sonnet and Liz Lochead for her continuance of the work of Edwin Morgan.

Examples of poetry.

Take a look at the world around, as that is my perfect poetry example.

Larkfield Writers Group website http://uk.geocities.com/larkfieldwriters/

Tolcross Writer's Group website http://www.tollcrosspark.com/

  1. All That Jazz
  2. An Ode to Pompous Poets
  3. Battling Dragons
  4. Compromising Tastes
  5. Emotional
  6. Fizzle Out
  7. If I Were In Charge
  8. Inchmahome Priory
  9. Inspiration
  10. Leaves Like Petals Fall
  11. London July 2005
  12. Made of Clay
  13. Neu Resolution
  1. Never Know
  2. Often He is Bad
  3. Old Ways, Who Pays ? (Soldier’s Lament)
  4. On Geatin Ma Quottes Wrang
  5. Rabbie Burns
  6. Reflecting on a Dry Spell
  7. Saddle-ma-nag
  8. Scotland Day
  9. Tha Gowk’s Defence
  10. The Avain Year
  11. There’s Nae Moderatin Wi tha Diel
  12. To a Cat
  13. What Day Is It?
  14. Will’s To Do List

Who are the Scots?

Andrew Carnegie
(1835 - 1918)
Emigrated to the U.S. in 1848 and became an iron and steel magnate and philanthropist. Born in Dunfermline, in Fife, he gave much of his vast fortune to the benefit of Scotland and America, including many educational and research foundations and endowments, libraries, pension funds and 10,000 church organs. He founded the Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

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