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Alan Shand

E-mail Address: alanshand@hotmail.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

I have always enjoyed poetry and the way the words flow from one line to the next. I write poetry because it gives me the chance to express myself honestly and sincerely. I find it easier to write how I feel, than to say it.

How did you get started writing poetry?

I had something I wanted to say, but couldn't, so I wrote it down. One thing led to another and I submitted my first piece to the website, after which, I received some good reviews and in turn, this inspired me to write more.

Who are your influences?

First and foremost, the woman I love, without whom, I would have nothing to write. Next the readers, who enjoyed and approved of my first attempt with praise and encouragement. Then, being a Scot, obviously I have to say Burns, whose work has influenced and inspired many a writer and poet.

What is your favourite poetic verse?

This was one of the first poems I ever read. I had to learn it for a competition in primary school and it has stayed with me ever since.

The Auld Broon Troot
by Sandy Thomas Ross

The auld broon troot lay unner a stane,
Unner a stane lay he,
An he thocht o' the wund,
An he thocht o' the rain,
An the troot that he uist tae be.

A'm a gey auld troot, said he tae hissel,
A gey auld troot, said he,
An there's mony a queer-like
Tale A cuid tell
O' the things that hae happened tae me.

They wee-hafflin trooties are aa verra smert,
They're aa verra smert, said he,
They ken aa the rules
O' the gemm aff by hairt,
An they're no aften catched, A'll agree.

They're thinkin A'm auld an they're thinkin A'm duin,
They're thinkin A'm duin, said he,
They're thinkin A'm no
Worth the flirt o' a fin
Or the blink o' a bonnie black ee.

But A'm safe an A'm smug in ma bonnie wee neuk,
A'm safe an A'm snug, said he,
A'm the big fush that
Nae fusher can heuk,
An A'll aye be that - till A dee!

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Who are the Scots?

The Scots invented golf and curling.

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