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Danny Reynolds

E-mail Address: Ddaniel99@aol.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

Mixed reasons. Sometimes (Mainly?) to promote controversy with humour. Sometimes to cleanse the soul's palate. Sometimes as an aide-mémoire, for myself. Sometimes, a distinct opinion, whether I have thought it through or not!

How did you get started writing poetry?

"I remember, I remember, the house where I was born..... The little window where the sun........" Answers on a postcard to me please, telling who wrote it and why?

Primary 7. St. Kessogs Primary - something about igneous rock/metamorphic/lava. It didn't rhyme, so the teacher was impressed.

Being wary, I took a very long break........... .......When I started again, it was due to a lack of offensive/humorous verses for Retirement/Wedding/Leaving cards for colleagues. This has led to requests from all sorts, to construct an instant Benny-Hillism, and when possible, I oblige.

Who were your influences?

Again, my first strong recognition of the power of the written word, has to be the war poems of Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. There was just something about "the cadaver eyes" at the back of the wagon, and the whole horror of the time. Yet, that side very seldom (if ever) surfaces in my own work. Mind you, there's time yet?

What is your favourite poetic verse?

Don't know. Some of my favourite poems have been ruined or improved by the addition of music. Whereas my favourite musical poem, must be the instrumental, "Ice" by Camel. Andy Lattimer's guitar says "I feel what you hear....emotion, passion, contentment."

Anyway, if we could all write and appreciate poetry, we might be too busy reading the others to write our own? And if that happened, we'd have nothing to read! So keep writing.

Examples of poetry.

  1. Aaron Aardvarkís Alphabetical Advancement
  2. Affirmation
  3. A New Jerusalem
  4. A Nursery Rhyme for Africa
  5. A Really Filthy Poem
  6. Aunty Christmas?
  7. Autumn With You
  8. Aye Claudicus!
  9. Ballad of the Effects Pedals
  10. CornCremation Street
  11. Donít lee yir dug wi Danny!(Part 2?)
  12. E-Buy gum!
  13. Electric Spear-Dodging
  14. Fae the Lochs Tae the Lakes
  15. Giving up Smoking
  16. How many poets does it take to put out a candle?
  17. I Donít Remember?
  18. In Sure Rants Claims
  19. Jeely Jors and Welly Rings
  20. Modern Heartbreak
  21. Nay fair weather friends need apply
  22. No more Sherry on the Mantelpiece
  23. Noonerís Spightmare
  24. Oh beautiful bridge over the River Leven
  25. Oh Calcutta, Calcutta Cup
  26. Oor Beautiful Language?
  27. Orville the Earwig's big day
  28. Rabbieís Eye
  29. Rabbie's Revenge
  30. Some lay where, no Poppies grow
  31. Soulmate
  32. Tay a Tragic Poet
  33. Thank God Iím an Atheist
  1. That Elusive Sound
  2. The 1970's
  3. The answer is winding in the blow!
  4. The Belly Button Thief
  5. The Fingers on the Window
  6. The Hame That A Miss Maist
  7. The Ladyton Spring
  8. The Lean Stigma Special
  9. The Magical Pharmacist from Old Phoo King
  10. The Men Only Razor?
  11. The Mole The Merrier?
  12. The Mole the Merrier. (Part Two)
  13. The Musical Yoke of my Youth
  14. The Overlord of Annandale
  15. The penny tray at Ken's Rat Boutique
  16. The Phantom Y-Front Pincher
  17. The Poor Wee Urchin Who Spoke Funny
  18. The Real National Lottery?
  19. The Sewage Works of the Bleary-Eyed
  20. The Three Trees
  21. The Turning of the Year
  22. The Unwanted Prize
  23. The Weeping Lass
  24. To the Nit-Pickers
  25. True Friendship?
  26. Twinkle Twinkle, Miniscule Star
  27. Unstationery Traveller
  28. Up an doon hills when youíre Thirteen
  29. Wake up and smell the Heather
  30. Wee Samís Lament
  31. Why Senga?
  32. Wilburís gonna get me/you!

Examples of songs.

Tears on the Coast

Who are the Scots?

John Buchan (Baron Tweedsmuir) (1875 - 1940) Author, biographer and politician. Perhaps best known for 'The Thirty-Nine Steps'. Was also a member of parliament and Governor-General of Canada.

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