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Sonja Nic Rafferty

E-mail Address: rafferty@claranet.de
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

I write poetry because I enjoy writing and for expressing the freedom of thought because there has been a lot of pressure in my life. I was an adopted child.

How did you get started writing poetry?

I enjoyed poetry at school and liked compositions. As a student I didn't write poems but essays, most of it got lost. More than a writer I was a painter. I have been writing poems and short stories since 1989. In 1998 I translated many of my texts into English. Nowadays most of my poems and short stories are bilingual.

Who were your influences?

My greatest influences were Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Hermann Hesse. Having Scottish and Irish ancestors, more and more of my poetry is focused on Scotland and Ireland. I read works of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott and much more besides. I am also influenced by nature. The sea and Scottish landscape are my favourite topics.


I have had poems and short stories published by some German companies.

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Chill December Morning
  2. An Ancient Tree
  3. Ancient Magic
  4. At the End of the Rainbow
  5. Ballad of a Family Search
  6. Bridge To The Roots
  7. Burns Night
  8. Child of the Darkness
  9. Crescent Month August
  10. Dance with the Summer Wind
  11. December is....
  12. Departure of September Sun
  13. Dream Walker
  14. Dunoon in my Memory
  15. Early September Dreams
  16. Eternal Search
  17. Expectations in March
  18. Flashlights of my Life
  19. Floating Autumn Mist
  20. Folk Music
  21. Forget your Scotland Dream!
  22. Hope in a Storm
  23. I Am a Seeker
  24. I Asked the Wind
  25. In A Faraway Land Of The Thistle
  26. January Wind
  27. Life Begins Every Day
  28. Lighthouse of Life
  29. Longing for the Back of Beyond
  30. Luck with all Senses
  31. Magical Isle of Skye
  32. Magic Formula
  33. Memories of Broughty Ferry
  1. Misty Rain
  2. My Impossible Lighthouse
  3. My Scottish Dream
  4. Only The Snowflakes Dance
  5. On the Way
  6. Out of a Longing
  7. Rose of Tristesse
  8. Scotland, Here I Come!
  9. Silently
  10. Solitude Dimension
  11. Soul Heritage
  12. Star Thistles
  13. Teach me SLANG II
  14. The Amber Seeker
  15. The Fullness of Vanilla Pods
  16. The Magic Lighthouse
  17. The Missing Modicum of Luck
  18. The Power Of Scottish Flames
  19. The Roads to Scotland
  20. The Roses of Dundee
  21. The Transitoriness of Snow
  22. Thistles And Heather In The Evening Wind
  23. Thistles In The Clouds
  24. Two Thistles
  25. Turn of the Year
  26. Under the Sign of the Thistle
  27. Wavelengths Apart
  28. Where are You?
  29. Where The Seasons Meet
  30. Where The Thistles Grow
  31. Winter Song
  32. Winter Sun

Who are the Scots?

Earl Haig
(1861 - 1928)
Field Marshall in the British Army. He was commander of the allied troops on the Western Front during the First World War. Founded the annual poppy appeal day to support the Earl Haig Fund which gave assistance to disabled ex-servicemen.

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