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Nancy Purves

E-mail Address: laverock@cogeco.ca

Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

Using my imagination has always brought me a great deal of pleasure. Poetry is providing me now with a venue for expressing my deepest feelings, as well as the lighter ones. It promotes beautiful order in my complex inner world. I no longer feel mute. It is both healing and fun.

How did you get started writing poetry?

A few months ago I wrote my first poem. Remembering the advice given to the young student in the movie 'FINDING FORRESTER', I didn`t pause to think about what I was going to write, I simply began.

Who were your influences?

My Father wrote storytelling prose when the spirit moved him. With fingers fairly flying over the typewriter keys, he was at his happiest. Reading humorous poetry out loud as a family, and private reading of Chaucer, Shelley, Keats, Frost, and my beloved Burns gave my love of poetry, deep, endurable roots.

Examples of Poetry and Songs.

  1. A Mother's Lament
  2. Backside Blessings
  3. Earthly Truths
  4. First Visit to Scotland
  5. "Oh, how we loved them."
  6. She Called Me Lassie
  7. The First Time I Went to St Abbs
  8. The Man From Stoke
  9. The Silent Witness
  10. The Tie
  11. Trees
  12. Watching Life Go By
  My Auld Grannie

Who are the Scots?

French was spoken by the nobles of Norman descent in mediaeval times in Scotland, but its influence has not left a great impression in the country or its language.

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