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  1. Copyright

    IT~SERVE® require to know the details of the sender of any poem or song. If a writer prefers to remain anonymous and requests that a submission be posted under a pseudonym, that request will be respected and will be adhered to.

    However, IT~SERVE® do require to know the correct details of the author. To meet this requirement, it is sufficient for a sender to fully and accurately complete the entry fields in the poem or song submit forms on the web site.

    If there is a copyright dispute over any submission to the web site, that submission will not be posted. If the poem or song has already been posted to the web site, it will immediately be removed.

  2. Permission

    When submitting a poem or song of your own writing to the web site, you, the author, give IT~SERVE® the right to feature your poem on this web site.

    IT~SERVE® reserve the right to free reproduction and use of any poem or song for any purpose. The originator of the poem or song retains the copyright, however it is a condition that by submitting a poem or song to this web site, the right to free reproduction and use for any purpose is granted to IT~SERVE®.

    IT~SERVE® will always seek the prior permission of the person who submitted a poem or song, before reproducing or using any poem or song which has been submitted to the web site.

  3. Privacy

    Any information that users provide while using this web site is provided on the understanding that it is to be used solely and exclusively for the purpose of associating submitted poems or songs with their authors.

    IT~SERVE® will not provide your personal information (i.e. information you may supply that identifies you) to any third party without your prior permission, or unless we are required to do so by law.

  4. Standards of Decency

    Male and female readers from all over the world use this web site. Our readership includes all ages, all races and all religions.

    In order not to offend anyone,

    • please do not use vulgar language
    • please do not make racist remarks
    • please do not use blasphemy
    • please do not make statements of religious bigotry
    • please do not make any other kind of comment which could be deemed offensive

    IT~SERVE® reserve the right to remove or not to post any submission, which they deem, falls into any of these categories. That includes any song or poem sent on the submission form or by e-mail, or any comments made on a forum or feedback form.

    IT~SERVE® will not enter into any dispute over copyright or standards of decency.

Who are the Scots?

20 US Presidents were of Scots descent.

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