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Other Modern Writers in the Collection - 'C'

Over 200 Writers from 29 Countries around the world contribute to this web site

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Cameron Lynsey Scotland
  1. Better Place
  2. Loving Saturday Night
Cameron Victoria USA Through and Through
Campbell Jacqi USA
  1. Ashes of Sorrow
  2. I Hate.....
Campbell J.D.C. Scotland
  1. Tavistock Square Gardens: Plaques
  2. The Guidance Teacher's Prayer
  3. The Unfinished Girlfriend
Capper Dennis Australia
  1. Cap Badge Hill, Radfan Mountains
  2. Flanders
  3. Pegasus
  4. The Ghost of Tommy Atkins
  5. War to end all Wars
Carabine Steven Scotland Days
Carswell Fleming Scotland An Exile's Hail or Farewell?
Cassidy Lisa Scotland Forgotten Tide
Cavanagh Rebecca England
  1. Jesus
  2. My Romeo, My Romeo
  3. Memory
Chakravarthy T. Ashok India
Chanel Heather England I'll Always Love You
Chia Paige Malaysia Violet
ChristiansenEllen Denmark Tsunami - E. Christiansen
Christopher Ted Scotland Iím Coming Home
Clarkson David Scotland
  1. Dunnottar
  2. Performance
  3. Satisfaction
Colclough Martin England G8 Opposite Profanity
Collins Edith Scotland Lamont Crescent
Connor Shannon Scotland The Way I Feel
Cook Mandy Scotland The Lassies
Cook Megan USA 6 Questions
Cooper Annemaria Scotland Rabbies Legacy
Corbett William Scotland "TBU" (Think 'Bout You)
Cormack Mike Scotland Dryad
Cornico Amiel Philippines
  1. Lucky Night
  2. During Sunset
Cottrell Natasha Canada Everything To Me
Cowan Sandy Scotland The Ghost of Glen Nees na Nochin
Crockett James M. Hong Kong
  1. A Girl and her Sailor
  2. A Trubute to the Bieldsidekid
  3. Guid New Year 2008 tae een an' a'
  4. Mither 'am thinkin o' ye far alang the road
  5. Sam the Seagull
  6. The Den of Leggart
  7. The Terrible Secret
  8. Thrills And Excitement Of A Growing Lad
Curran Debbie Scotland
  1. Everyday
  2. Time
Curwood Kelly Canada Crossing the Bridge Together
Cuthbert May Canada Scotland the Brave

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