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Alisdaire O'Caoimph

E-mail Address: Kalidonian@aol.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Web site: http://alisdaire.tripod.com/

Why write poetry, Poet?

Why ask why an Artist paints, a musician plays? It's the creative spark that lays within our soul, that seeks and needs its expression. It is how Humanity stays human, the key that bridges our hectic, oft times crazy world with those inner depths of peace and contentment. The word by itself is dead. It is the artist that brings the emotions alive and fills the word to the fire and passion of the mortal spirit and immortal Soul.

How did you get started writing poetry?

I would suppose I've always played with it a little. I used to do a lot of art work. I would often incorporate a poem to all the drawings and painting I had done. I wrote the poem, 'A Farewell Tear' on my flight from Scotland to the US in 1983. But it has only been within the last 3 years that I have been more active in my writing. (Thanks Tessa Ashby - the one that created this monster.)

Who were your influences?

Well, I suppose like any true Ayr native I would have to post Rabbie Burns as my major influence, Walter Scott, RL Stevenson, Byron, MacDiarmid, Edwin Muir, Yeats, Keats and Poe. But in all truth the greatest inspiration has and is my country-Scotland. There's nowhere else in this world that a man can walk and still feel the spirit of his ancestors walk with him. She is the haunting dream of every Scot that leaves her shores, the brightest Star of the heavens for every sailor, and mother, wife and mistress to all her children.


I write for the fun and the pleasure it gives me. The greatest joy and wealth I have is knowing that my writing may have touched a heart, or broke a smile. My writings can be found on a number of poetry sites online. I have a fair number of poems published in the Anthology of Poetry Pages, L'Strange cafe, and a few Online mags such as Ygdrasil. I believe that Poetry is the silent illuminator of the soul. Through it the wells of the heart open, the light of the soul shines, and man is able to love his fellow brother - for the dignity of the word.

The bible says, 'In the beginning was the word, and the word is God.' What a powerful image! Maybe it allows us to understand just how important everything said truly is, and to hold sacred, that which we so use so carelessly.

Last but not least, I wish to thank the owners of this web site for the honour of allowing my poetry to be published here, and to offer a source by which other poets can share their talent and voice.

Examples of poetry

  1. A Farewell Tear
  2. An Escape
  3. An Irishman's Death
  4. Bardic Rhapsody
  5. Brimstane Kettle
  6. Common Ground
  7. Ethiopia
  8. Fa a' Their Guilt
  9. Heilan' Whiskey
  10. I O'Man
  11. It's Strange
  12. Lament
  13. Muckle Adieu
  14. Never Holds Enough
  1. Old Fort
  2. O' Scotland
  3. O' The Land The Old Land
  4. Pantomime Jacks
  5. Place For Loving You
  6. Sacred
  7. Sidhe Gathering
  8. The Curse O' Ale
  9. The Poppy Bloom
  10. Till
  11. Tis June My Love
  12. War and Time
  13. White Man's Garbs

Who are the Scots?

Alexander Crum Brown (1838 - 1922) Organic chemist, born in Edinburgh. He studied in London and Leipzig before returning to Edinburgh in 1863, holding the chair of Chemistry, which now bears his name, until his death. He devised the system of representing chemical compounds in diagrammatic form, with connecting lines representing bonds.

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