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Mystery Rose

E-mail Address: MysteryRose3@yahoo.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

Poetry is a release, an outlet, sometimes a message, and an opportunity to express my feelings and thoughts on particular subjects or topics that I feel strongly about.

Who were your influences?

My family researched and constructed a family tree and in the process they discovered that my mother's side of the family is related to Robert Burns, Scotland's greatest poet. My influences were my daughter who encourages me to look through more than my own eyes; my family; my friend who is an awesome attorney and the actor Mr. Keanu Reeves, who inspired me with his awesome talents and truth.

There are many people who influence my writings, either directly or indirectly, for all of those people, I wish to give acknowledgment.

Examples of poetry.

  1. Across The Miles
  2. A Date With Death
  3. A Friend I Will Be
  4. A Need To Belong...
  5. Angels
  6. Arms of Angels
  7. A World of Difference
  8. A-Z Christmas
  9. Blessed
  10. Blessed Soul
  11. Canvas
  12. Challenge Life
  13. Christ our King
  14. Christmas Wish
  15. December 26 2002
  16. Depart not from the Path, which Fate has you Assigned
  17. Do you speak to me?
  18. Fight for Your Rights
  19. Friend
  20. Goodwill
  21. Harpoon Heart
  22. Home
  23. Honor of You
  24. In My Mind's Eye
  25. Is this me...or is this you?
  26. It's Called FAITH!
  27. Justice
  28. Just Two Days
  1. Loss Love
  2. Lovers
  3. Mercy
  4. My World
  5. Nobility
  6. Once Friends
  7. One Step At A Time
  8. Past Lives
  9. Pay it Forward
  10. People, Places and Things
  11. Possession
  12. Reflection
  13. Rob....
  14. Romance 101
  15. Searching
  16. Someone
  17. Sorry
  18. Spring
  19. Struggles
  20. Students in Life
  21. Through The Eyes Of A Child
  22. True To Me
  23. Were you there when they crucified my Lord?
  24. What Wondrous Love
  25. Wishes
  26. Win/Win
  27. WWJD

Who are the Scots?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle(1859 - 1930) Author. Creator of the detective, Sherlock Holmes. He graduated from Edinburgh University in medicine and practised in Edinburgh, aboard ship and in the Boer War.

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