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Lucia Mussollini

E-mail: Lucia Mussollini
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why I write poetry.

Some postmodernists will tell you we live in a period of high modernity where the biggest angst people face is the dilemma of choice. Some psychologists and lovers of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) will tell you anything can be overcome by mere thought, then practice.

For example, using CBT techniques, you can absolve yourself of guilt, escape the thought processes that make you a slave to another selfish human being, avoid any kind of commitment in life which will make you feel vulnerable etc.

While the theory of postmodernism and the health benefits of CBT are tangible and help us understand our place in the world, art forms are sometimes best expressed abstractly. Intellectual thought can sometimes anaesthetise that which is most humane about humanity. We can all at times intellectualise our deepest fears and desires, in order to try and control them.

Some things can't be managed or controlled. When we allow ourselves to just feel and be, we are most free. I like to think my poetry is an expression of the times when I felt I was just being. Some are biographical, some pure fantasy and some silly stories.

Some are just rants of course - pure indulgence.

Examples of poetry.

  1. Consciousness
  2. CBT
  3. Did I Mention?
  4. Don't Ever Let Me Go
  5. Elementary
  6. Holding Our Breath
  7. I Believe You, Are Beautiful Too
  8. Infamous Atheist
  9. Into Madness With You
  10. It Would Last
  11. Killing Me Once Again
  12. My Body Sings
  13. Scotland 2004
  14. Stymie Ruffel
  15. Subdued
  16. Time Zone
  17. You Are Not True

Who are the Scots?

Scotland surrendered its sovereignty in 1707, but kept its own legal system and its Presbyterian form of Protestantism which is more democratic than the Church of England.

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