12:06 pm Saturday, 20 October 2012
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Paul Murdoch

E-mail Address: paulmurdochpoems@hotmail.co.uk
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

It only started to flow from somewhere recently. I'm not sure why I do it; mid-life crisis or something. I just get a notion about something and the poems just pop out.

How did you get started writing poetry?

I only started in January of 2004. I heard a poem written by a friend of mine, Greg Addison, and thought .... "I can do that." His are much better. Sitting alone in a restaurant one night I saw a young kid being shooshed by his parents, they were embarrassed at the noise and, for what ever reason, I collared the waiter and asked for a pen. I wrote, 'To Hear an Angel Sing.'

Who were your influences?

To be perfectly honest, I have read very little poetry, I like some of Burns and Tennyson but I guess my biggest influences would be old English hymns and friend's stuff - "What a Philistine!" If I see something that moves me I write.

What is your favourite poetic verse?

Probably something like 'A Host of Golden Daffodils'. I remember some of it from school. I must read more stuff.

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Christmas Day
  2. A Dot on a Dot
  3. A Glimpse Of God
  4. A Million Tiny Moments
  5. A Sacred Space For Every Tree
  6. A Sip Of Nectar
  7. Gallus Bouys Way Gallus Suits
  8. Goodbye for Now my Trusted Friend
  9. Ixodes
  10. Mice
  11. Nature's Gift Of Green
  12. Oceans Of Eden
  13. Scunnered
  14. The Ancient Warrior
  1. The Bucktoothed Bitch
  2. The Fingerprint
  3. The Lomond Bell
  4. The Old Piano
  5. The Selfish Man
  6. The Snake
  7. The Truth?
  8. The Ussie Burn
  9. To Hear An Angel Sing
  10. Too Polite
  11. Unrequited Lust
  12. We Kiss
  13. Winter

Who are the Scots?

Billy Connolly(1942 - ) Glasgow-born banjo player, comedian, film actor and TV personality known as 'The Big Yin'. Appeared in the U.S. situation-comedy 'Head of the Class'.

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