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Jim McRobert

E-mail Address: jim_mcrobert@hotmail.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

Although born in Stirling and growing up in Campbeltown, I have lived for the past 30+ years in Denny, Stirlingshire. I believe in Emotion, Rhythm, Belief and Communication.

How did you get started writing poetry?

I began writing short stories in October 2000 after an accident. I joined the local Writing Group and an advisor, Kath Hardie suggested I come to Edinburgh at a session in Riddles Court to hear how others read poetry.

Due to so many farming relatives in the Scottish borders I wrote the "Farmer's Lament" poem and a collection of other poems about this horrific event.

I read my "Farmer's Lament" poem to great audience response, and after a few months gave up my past life and moved to Edinburgh. I now often read at poetry events in Edinburgh.


Although knowingly in the past I have only tried to get 2 poems published, others have had some published in my name, in newspapers etc. It was a surprise to see my name mentioned on this site.

My Name ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

My name is Jim McRobert a rare name it would seem
I've tried to trace my ancestors but yet to find the cream
My dad came from the Scottish Borders his dad and grandpa too
Near the village of Canonbie, this is my only clue
I've hunted for Certificates to see where they were born
Checked in all the kirkyards through records somewhat foreign
I've searched upon the Internet of soldiers gone to war
Hunted through their registers, caused a real furore
So I'm asking as I write this among all you folk that write
Is there anyone called McRobert who has access to this site?

Examples of poetry

  1. A Bit o' Banter
  2. A Ghost of a Chance
  3. A Nightmare?
  4. A Last Lifeline
  5. All In a Day's Work
  6. Beggar's Belief
  7. Boarding School - A Visit to HELL
  8. Climb
  9. Dear Tony
  10. Emotional Stuff
  11. End of Hope
  12. Foot and Mouth
  13. G8/Sir Bob he told the masses Im sick of all their talk
  14. Granny's Contribution
  15. Ina
  16. In Ancient Sport
  17. In Tribute to a Foreign Beast
  18. Lonely
  19. Lorna
  20. Love in the Court of King James V1
  21. Message From an Unborn Child
  22. My Day
  23. My Name
  24. Not Proven
  1. Old Lazy Bones
  2. Oor National Press
  3. Promise
  4. Raising of Hell
  5. Sold
  7. Tell me Holy Men
  8. The Body Hunters in Aftermath
  9. The Contract
  10. The Day we Stuffed the Generals
  11. The Eczema Nurse, Dalrymple
  12. The Farmer's Lament
  13. The Fisherman
  14. The Game
  15. The Hat
  16. The Master
  17. The Pipe
  18. The Playwright
  19. The Sang
  20. Thi Rock o Dunaverty
  21. Who Said Biscuit?
  22. Wind on my Back
  23. Within the Rift
Examples of Songs
  1. Drummossie Moor
  2. Oor Scottish Yob
  3. The Pain of Yesterday
  4. WHY?

Who are the Scots?

John Logie Baird
(1888 - 1946)
An engineer who invented the television and developed ideas such as colour, 3-D and large screen television. He also had a patent on fibre-optics technology.

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