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John McCormick

Why write poetry, Poet?

I am a rhymer, not a poet. They are the Burns, Wordsworth’s and Scott’s. “Oh, to have a little of their art”.

How did you get started writing poetry?

I decided to send to this web site upon the urging of a writer friend, to share with you, and to hope that you like some of my play with words. It has been something that I have always enjoyed doing.

Who were your influences?

I have been encouraged by your response. Many things I have written for a particular moment in time, and only make sense to those involved. Some require a little Scottish "translation". There is no money in verse, as poor Topaz McGonagall found out in Dundee. Sadly, perhaps in his case, even ridicule.

I am a retired, transplanted Scot, from Stirling. I do a few other “artsy” things, like painting and music. During our overly long winters here in Canada, I like to read, and write. Most times with feeling, and sometimes with my warped humour. I never take myself too seriously.

I play golf, in summer. I suppose, in conclusion, I could say that I am not really a golfer either. They would be the Woods and Montgomerie’s. “Oh, to have a little of their art”

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Dream
  2. A Poem for Christmas
  3. A Race Involving the Village Idiots
    circa 1751

  4. A True Scot in 1939
  5. And it used tae be such a nice word!
  6. Atonement
  7. Caviar
  8. Clouds
  9. Empathy
  10. Flower of Scotland - (a parody)
  11. Growth Rings
  12. Love of a Wean
  1. Once Shy, Once Removed
  2. Retirement Home Reverie
  3. Scottish Ex-pats
  4. Sign In Baghdad
  5. Snap Shots
  6. The Game
  7. The Memoirs Of A Scotsman With Alzheimer's
  9. Time in a Bottle
  10. Touching Nerves
  11. Waterfall
  12. Ye’ Are Whit Ye’ Eat

Who are the Scots?

Sir William Wallace
(1274 - 1305)
A national hero, defender of Scottish independence and leader of Scottish resistance forces. He gained a famous victory over the army of Edward I at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. Edward later defeated Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk. King Edward had Wallace captured and taken to London, where he was cut, drawn, quartered and beheaded.

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