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Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

E-mail Address: natanddave@btopenworld.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

I write to cleanse my soul. To put into words pain, fear, anger, sorrow and laughter - all those human emotions.

How did you get started writing poetry?

Until today, I have led a rather nomadic life, from Normandy to Provence, from Hampshire to Shetland. On the way, I survived a horrific car crash in South Oxfordshire. Quite a milestone it proved to be! Whereas my memory deleted this accident permanently, I started to feel the urge to express myself - thus beginning to "play" with words and rhymes… in English with "My Book of Dreams" and in French with "Le Coeur Caché" ("Hidden Heart").

Who were your influences?

The power of imagination remains a fantastic ally when one feels sad and/or lonely. Inspiration floats in the air. It is everywhere: in the sky, on the sea, in people's beauty, or in one's travels! While my child's eyes were dreaming on the horizon line, my adult ones fell in Love with Scotland - the Highlands and Islands: so much we share. Here I feel "at home" at last, amidst new friends, notably within the South Mainland Writers Group . … to celebrate life.

I dedicate my work to David, Taina, Kate, my family and my masters, as well as to Alex Cluness, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Charles Baudelaire.

Publications in the Pipeline.

My Book Of Dreams undertakes this formidable voyage to the centre of "my" Earth: a collection of verse in which, you - the adventurous reader - will be transported through the nebulae of my world… from the depths of my soul to those of the oceans - via a myriad of amazing places. Reader, my dear friend… thou shall become the Arctic Tern!

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Cry For Peace
  2. A Sea of Senses
  3. African Sky
  4. A Tale of Two Harbours
  5. At The Jobcentre
  6. Ballerina of the Wood
  7. Birdwatching
  8. Blue Regrets
  9. Bombs Bear no Names
  10. Breathing Asleep
  11. Cardboard Boxes for Fallujah
  12. Chinoiseries
  13. Clair de Lune
  14. Con-nec-ted!
  15. Cowboys Beware
  16. Crashed and Burnt
  17. Crying to the Spirits
  18. Deliverance
  19. Disposable Society
  20. Dragons' Breath
  21. Drinking the Water from your Lips
  22. Earth Pulse
  23. Earthly Thoughts (Part One: Prelude)
  24. Earthly Thoughts (Part Two: The Sequel)
  25. Epitaph for a Monkey
  26. Fantasy Island
  27. Fast Love
  28. First Love
  29. Feeling You, Feeling Me
  30. Flying into the Stratosphere
  31. Ghosts
  32. Havra
  33. He Bought the Birds to Set Them Free
  34. Highland Pipes
  35. Holy City of Bethlehem
  36. Horizons
  37. If I Were You
  38. In Memoriam
  39. Inside the Prism
  40. Inside the Wave
  41. Iraq Latest
  42. Island Soul
  43. I want...
  44. Kingdom of the Isles
  45. Kissing the Clouds
  46. Leir-vík, my Boreal Eden
  47. Life Whispers
  48. Lokkaminnie's Oo
  49. Lord of my Fears
  50. Lost in the Mist of Loch Linnhe
  1. Love and Blood
  2. Mirage
  3. Mirrors of Love
  4. Morning Call
  5. Morning Light
  6. My Great Grand Mother's Hands
  7. My Heart Beats Fast in the Highlands
  8. My Song For Jonathan
  9. My Soul Is in Shetland
  10. My Wealth is My Freedom
  11. Night
  12. Northern Roost
  13. One Man One Dream
  14. On the Tip of my Nose
  15. On the Trail of the Erne
  16. Out on My Cloud
  17. Papillon de Nuit
  18. Radio Silence
  19. Requiem for a Trombone
  20. Sanctuary of Life
  21. Sea Rockets
  22. Sea-Spray Hunter
  23. Sitting on the Edge of my Lips
  24. Sky High
  25. Song of Starlings
  26. Spring Has Arrived!
  27. Still Frame
  28. Storm
  29. Strings
  30. Tale from the Waterfront
  31. Tale of a Thistle
  32. Talking Drums
  33. Thalassa
  34. The Chemist's Lab
  35. The Dream Catcher
  36. The Edge of the Frozen Sea
  37. The Samurai
  38. The World's Crying
  39. Through That Chip
  40. Time
  41. Travel With The Wind
  42. Torrential Wrath
  43. Totem Bird
  44. Verse for Love
  45. Walking Together
  46. When the Moon Smiles
  47. White World
  48. Wild Waves
  49. Wings
  50. World Gardens
  51. You Are the Light of My Tunnel

Who are the Scots?

Lord MacBeth
(c.1005 - 1057)
The Grandson of Malcolm II, he was the last of Scotland's Gaelic Kings. He was the villainous character portrayed in William Shakespeare's 'Macbeth', but in real life he was nothing like that. MacBeth was buried on the Island of Iona, the resting place of the lawful kings of Scotland.

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