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Thomas Green

E-mail Address: tomfifepoetry16@btinternet.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

Mainly for the amusement of friends or when some event suggests a verse or two

I am known to get carried away with the exuberance of my own verbosity and poetry helps to curb that – ask any of my long suffering friends!

I enjoy the discipline
Of verses that rhyme,
- Although -
I ‘m not totally averse
Per se to blank verse

How did you get started writing poetry?

I was asked to help out the president of a local Bowling Club with his introductory remarks anent the speakers at their Burns Supper. I thought it might make it easier for him if it were in verse, and cobbled together some verse that included the speakers’ “credentials”.

Now this will make you wince.
I’ve been rhyming ever since.

Who were your influences?

Burns, Kipling, Robert Service, Robert Fergusson.

What is your favourite poetic verse?

Whatever suits my mood at a particular point in time.

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Guid Gloom
  2. A' Ken Wha Ye Mean
  3. (Almost) Burns Supper Time
  4. Come Fly with Me
  5. Congratulations! You’re a Winner!
  6. Eleven to One and Back Again
  7. Euan's Exploding Grandma
  8. Euan’s Papa and the Chair
  9. Let’s Bass Rock
  10. Modern or Modem? Times
  11. My Friend Toby
  12. Oh! Where are you going?
  13. Strawberry Tarts
  14. The Cooncil
  15. The Mystery Solved
  16. The Parting
  17. To a Scotch Pie
  18. Welcome the Dawn
  19. What's in a Name?
  20. Who are the Abancs?

Who are the Scots?

Neil Gunn(1891 - 1973) Novelist, born in Caithness. One of the foremost novelists of the twentieth century Scottish literary renaissance. Best known for 'The Silver Darlings' and 'Highland River'.

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