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Gordon Fjaelberg

E-mail Address: stentor@hotmail.co.uk
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

Purely for the love of it, and no other reason! Good poetry will sum up, in a few words, moods and emotions that stir the reader in a way prose cannot hope to emulate. I enjoy the free-flowing style of poetry, and the fact that a wide variety of subjects can be tackled in a wide variety of ways. It has also helped to get me out of doing the washing up: "Love to, but must catch the mood!" Not that this works every time, but when it does....Doesn't work with shopping trips, I've noticed.

How did you get started writing poetry?

My father also wrote poetry, though mainly in the form of hymns and religious tracts. My secular interest was sparked at school, where I had the good fortune to have an excellent English teacher. He never laughed at my putative efforts, at least not in front of me, and encouraged me to read different poets. He explained how to develop my ideas, however ridiculous they might sound, and told me that it was sometimes OK to bin a project, and start again. This was AFTER I'd shown him a poem I'd written about St.George, which must have run to 9 million verses at least.

Who are your influences?

I'm a great lover of John Betjamen, always have been, though nonsense verse has a particular appeal to me. Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll and Spike Milligan were eagerly devoured at school, though I love the work of Robert Burns. How that man could capture a mood! Also, it must be said, the 'poems' of the late, great, William McGonagall. He only came to me later in life, which is just as well; he and Tracy Emin, between them, have showed the world how far you can get without a single shred of talent. So has Tracy Emin's brother, Eminem.

What is your favourite poetic verse?

I wish I knew the name of it, but I don't. Many years ago, when I was a member of a writer's group, one of the guys wrote a poem about a reluctant cricketer, who'd only gone to the Cricket Club, on the day of a Championship match, to help with the teas. One of the batsmen hadn't turned up, so the Captain rounded on him, and forced him to take part. As I recall, our reluctant hero scored one run before getting clean bowled, (just before tea!), but took solace in the fact that his team won a nail-biting contest by a single run, which he claimed was his. The opening lines begin thus:

"I hadn't meant to play cricket,
I hadn't intended to bat,
But the Captain said: 'You're Number Five!'
So that was that, was that!"

Sorry! What was the question again?

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Brick-bound Biddie's Lament
  2. Always Questions
  3. Anescienta
  4. An Ode To Allergies
  5. An Ode To Red Arthur
  6. An Ode To Susannah LeMotte
  7. An Open Letter To The White House
  8. Artefact
  9. Dafydd
  10. Far Away
  11. For Only Thee
  12. Has Anyone Seen My Car?
  13. How I Long For Morning
  14. How To Exterminate Parasites!
  15. If Your Girl-Friend Joins The Army
  16. I Knew I'd Be A Deputy
  17. In Memoria
  18. Innermost Thoughts
  19. Lines Written On Leaving Fife
  20. Look Out, Marco Polo!
  21. Makkanwns!
  22. Mermaid Song
  23. Mixed Thoughts On Re-incarnation
  24. Night Visitors
  25. Ode To A.C.A.S.
  26. Ode To Ashby Book-Shop
  27. Ode To Beer
  28. Ode To Christmas Dinners!
  29. Ode To Security Officers
  30. Ode To The Dull
  31. Ode To The Loch Ness Monster
  1. Ode To The Robin
  2. Ode To Trainee Computer Programmers
  3. Oh, For a Stronger Table
  4. Oh, Mummy!
  5. Oh, The Pain!
  6. On Being Shot At Dawn
  7. On Seeing A Grave-Stone
  8. Pass The Food Around
  9. Princess
  10. Reflections On A Sloth
  11. Scraping By!
  12. Si Vous Ete Le Reigne
  13. Surfaces!
  14. The Ballad Of A.D.S
  15. The Ballad Of Thomas Kerry
  16. The Banderloop
  17. The Civil Wars
  18. The Darkened Room
  19. The Finest Things
  20. The Frustrated Hunter
  21. The Gongermeezind
  22. The Jetty's Edge
  23. The Kipper Song
  24. The Number One Bus
  25. The Party Piece
  26. The Shortest Poem In The World
  27. Thirty Feet
  28. Uriel River
  29. Vacational Cogitations
  30. Vortigern: Part 1
  31. What Kind Of Man....?

Examples of songs.

  1. Anti-World!
  2. Appearing Tonight
  3. Cares Of The Day
  4. Elemental Symphony; Part 1, Air
  5. Elemental Symphony; Part 2, Fire
  6. Elemental Symphony; Part 3, Earth
  7. Elemental Symphony; Part 4, Water
  8. Everything
  9. Existence
  10. Francesca
  11. Geronimo Is Dead!
  12. Going Up To Edinburgh
  13. Grey
  14. In Our Day
  15. It Happened Only Yesterday
  16. It's Got So Bad
  17. It's Hard To Be A Bishop
  18. Jerephath Of Aragathorn
  19. Join Us In A Cup Of Tea
  20. Leaving You Now
  21. Living For Now
  22. Lunatics and Losers
  1. Magic Castles
  2. Mud In Your Eye
  3. My Sweet Elaine
  4. Neil Wylie
  5. No More The Night
  6. Norma Allan
  7. Ode To Damart
  8. Safety First
  9. Some Days
  10. Straw Taxi Cabs
  11. Tabitha's Daughter
  12. The Piper Must Be Paid
  13. Thermania
  14. This Could Be Your Way
  15. Those Hits Keep Rolling In
  16. Ugg and Freda
  17. Variations On A Dream
  18. When My Father Went A-Hunting!
  19. Where Is The Woman Who Loves Me?
  20. Where Nine Worlds Blend
  21. Where The Wild Waters Flow
  22. Wish You Were Here
  23. X-Ray

Who are the Scots?

Sir William Fettes (1750 - 1836) Merchant and philanthropist, who made his fortune from tea and wine. Left money to establish Fettes College (1870), which was designed by David Bryce. The College was intended for the education of poor and orphaned children, but is now one of Scotland's top private schools, although it still retains a tradition of scholarships for poorer children.

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