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Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

E-mail Address: duthiebeadle@sky.com
Please include the word 'POETRY' in the subject line of any email you send.

Why write poetry, Poet?

I find it a very attractive and pleasurable means of expressing myself. Every creative person has a vehicle for their creativity and mine just happens to be poetry. My interest in Scotland's history and the Scottish way of life, especially past myths and legends helps to fuel this creativity and encourages me to research further into ' The wye it used tae be'.

How did you get started writing poetry?

An advert in a local newspaper, requesting work from new poets drew my attention to the fact, that having taken early retirement from 27 years of nursing in Aberdeen, I had been unknowingly searching for something to fill this gap. I became very intrigued with the idea and prepared a small piece of work for publication. It was accepted and I have never looked back.

I took a course in 'The Art of Writing Poetry' via The Writer's College, and to date I have been involved in several anthologies and magazines. I became a member of The Aberdeen Burn's Society and an occasional participant in 'The Dead Good Poets Society'.

Who were your influences?

While attending college to take higher English for the main purpose of improving my wordsmith abilities, I came across one of Ted Hughes poems 'Work and Play'. The strong visual imagery which this poem displayed, showed me how words can be used in a vibrant and energetic manner, and how with a lot of imagination, one could paint a vivid picture of the world around them and bring to life a refreshed image of years gone by.

I will never achieve Hughes' superb quality of the written word, but I will always be grateful for the deep passion he transferred into his manuscripts, and how this passion has kept me writing for many years.

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Recipe For Autumn
  2. A Special Place
  3. After The Masterpiece
  4. Autumn
  5. Barbed Wire
  6. Come Dance With Me
  7. Coorie Doon
  8. Daydreamer
  9. Deathcamp
  10. Down and Out in the Castlegate
  11. Driftwood
  12. End of Days
  13. Fit Micht Hae Been
  14. Grandmother
  15. Gypsy Dance
  16. Harvest Moon
  17. Her Last Sunset
  18. I Haud Ma Licker Weel
  19. If
  21. Jist A' Thing
  22. Look At Me
  23. Ma Last Tuppence
  25. Manhattan
  26. My Dragonfly
  1. Naked with Diamonds
  2. Night Demons
  3. Norman
  4. Rain On Water
  5. Reporting Live
  6. Santa's Nose
  7. The 'Backie' Singers
  8. The Barn
  9. The Day the Piper Fell
  10. The Ghillie Callum
  11. The Glen o' Weeping
  12. The Hawk
  13. The Heighlin' Mosquito
  14. The Last Wolf
  15. The Mermaid
  16. The Old Library
  17. The Stane o' Destiny
  18. The Walk Home
  19. The Wound
  20. Voices In The Wind
  21. Waiting For You
  22. Wedding Day
  23. When The North Wind Blows
  24. Whuppity Scoorie
  25. Your Diary

Examples of songs.

  1. Children In Need
  2. Dunblane
  3. Quines O' The Sea

Who are the Scots?

Lord John Boyd-Orr (1880 - 1971) As Director of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Boyd-Orr was the architect of food policies aimed at helping starving nations, for which he was awarded a Nobel Peace prize in 1947.

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