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Robbie Kennedy Bennett

Why write poetry, Poet?

Writing my own poetry gives me a focus in life. I have been writing since about 1990 and it is such a surprise to see my work from that time in print. I find that I ‘bottle’ a piece of life or a person in a poem and I can recall it, or them at any time. Also my Scottish roots are inspirational, I return there as often as I can and I also love to be by the coast, it keeps my mind active. I now work within my hobby of football so writing is a great release for me.

How did you get started writing poetry?

My mom sent a poem I had written in 1991 about my grand parents George and Jane Rowley to a local nostalgic newspaper called the Black Country Bugle. It went to print and since then I periodically send them other poems.

Who were your influences?

Working class heroes, the honest working man, the dedicated sports person and the gallant soldier etc. Some of the people that we work alongside throughout our day have the characteristics or personality that can inspire another to put down in words.

What is your favourite poetic verse?

I have no favourite poetic verse but I have a listening ear to story songs, especially a singer-song writer Raymond Froggatt. Some of his verses are touching.

Examples of poetry.

  1. A Grande Cerveza, Por Favor Señor
  2. A Tribute to Nan and Grandad
  3. Aberdour Greets Me Kindly
  4. Appreciation of Life
  5. Brown Tanned Arms
  6. Chris Paterson
  7. Collessie
  8. Dance With Your Daddy
  9. Don't Tell Mother I Cried
  10. Hampden Park, Bagpipes, Drums and Legends
  11. He Danced On Our Graves
  12. Her Dad Disapproved
  13. I Forgot to Tell You
  14. I Should Have Played For Ladybank Violet
  15. I Thought a Wee While
  16. If The Answer is Walking Tomorrow
  17. In Yorkshire's Capital City
  18. John Stein
  19. Kingskettle Cemetery... Oh! Isabella
  20. Lady Devorgilla Bridge
  21. McAlister
  22. Old Len Muir Was Funny
  23. On The Day of All Days Scotland Could Not Be Beat
  24. Only a Field in Kincaple, Only a Field in Fife
  25. Playing For Scotland
  26. Scottish Hearts
  1. Sing For Your Friend, Ben Young
  2. Six Loud Scotsmen
  3. Smart Tartan Tie
  4. Sojourn In St Andrews
  5. 'Th' Auld Scottish Staine'
  6. Th' Last Time Ah Saw Him
  7. The Ancestry Walk
  8. The Awesome Power Of Nature
  9. The Bonnie Bonnie Sand of St Andrews Bay
  10. The Forth Rail Bridge
  11. The Kingdom of Fife
  12. The Little Ships
  13. The New Tomorrow
  14. The Piper Held His Head High
  15. The Right to Stand Tall
  16. The Rothesay Ferry
  17. Th' Young Lassie From Kilcaldy
  18. They Walked All The Way From Glasgow
  19. This Public Bar in Ladybank
  20. We Jinked Abit Like Archie Did
  21. What is Love?
  22. What Do I Really See?
  23. When Aaron Came
  24. When I Walked To Leven
  25. When Your Mother Speaks

Who are the Scots?

For a country of such small size and population, Scotland has produced many more famous people than would be expected. There are many who have achieved prominence in the sciences, inventions, architecture, the arts, literature and philosophy.

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