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X-Ray ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

My eyes are far more probing
Than an X-Ray machine,
For they can see the real you
Behind your built-up screen.
Every muscle, every fibre,
I can very plainly see;
There isn't any part of you
Which hides itself from me.

Everybody knows
I'm an X-Ray;
Don't tell me any lies,
I'll find you out -

I can look into your heart,
Don't tell me it's not so;
My questing gaze can burrow,
And it knows just where to go.
I know what you've been doing,
I know every place you've been,
Because my eyes are likened
To an X-Ray machine.

"So relax, please don't be nervous,
Just look straight into my eyes.
Let your memories return to you,
For the past can't be denied.
Just concentrate, and listen hard
To the things I have to say,
Then your life will gain new meaning
Which it lacked until today."

I'm an X-Ray machine
That will wipe your mind clean;
Every fear, every doubt
Will come tumbling out
Beneath my stare;
Are you secretly wishing
I was there?

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