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Wish You Were Here ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

As I read between some
Lines I've long forgotten
On a half-abandoned
Post-card from last year,
I can barely read
The semi-faded writing:
"Weather's lovely,
How I wish that
You were here."

Soon they bring to mind some
Words I'd long been saving
As I'm writing to
Addresses I recall:
"Give the folks all my
Regards, I'm doing nicely,
And I've always
Thought a lot
About them all."

Though it seems
Such a long-ago time
Since we met, and
Yet strangely, somehow,
All your faces I find
Are still fresh in my mind;
How I wish
You were here
With me now.

I'd just gone part-way
Through finishing one letter
When some pleasant thoughts
Unbidden, fill my head;
Did you know I often
Wonder what you're doing,
Or what witty things
Some of you
Might have said?

I remember deeply
Buried tales about you,
Though some details yet
Elude me, still I smile;
They amuse me, but
A smile is for a moment,
How I wish that
You were here
Beside me now.

There seems only
One thing I can do,
And I've torn up
Those letters today;
If I cannot have you,
Then what good will they do?
How I wish
You weren't
Twenty years away.

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