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Through and Through ©

Victoria Cameron
Pennsylvania, Canada

Glances in the Hallway
Smiles as I walk By
And a quick peek when I'm with my friends
But we've never come close to a hi
We like each other
It's easy to see
Even though I want it to be you and me
Your smile makes me smile inside
I hope I have that effect on you
Because I just wanna be with you

Be with you through and Through
Til the end of time
Til the world explodes
Til I lose my mind
I know you Know
And you know I know
But we're too afraid to tell

Whenever I'm just chillin with my friends
I can catch you looking at me
It's probably just to see what I'm doing
I don't know why
I can't just tell you how I feel
All I know is


I always hope we'll end up together
It has to be fate
Or at least we get out on a date
If we don't I'll ask myself why
Then I'll go on with my life
Or at least I'll try
But even Then I'll still know I wanna


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