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The Wings of Glory ©

(For the Allied Fallen in Iraq)
(This is dedicated to the British Marines and fellow troops who liberated Iraq from tyranny ... that we remember their comrades who died.)

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

O my love, my sweetest darling
I guess you know what I must tell;
In the raging heat of battle
There, my dear is where I fell.

Take Me back on the Wings of Glory
Carry me far across the sea;
Lay me down in the land I love so
Where my spirit is forever free

Weep not ye for me in sorrow
Heaven's sphere is home above
The heart's pain it is eternal
Tears are but the pearls of love


Pride and honour shall now guide you
Tell our kids their Dad was brave
The ways of war stole them from me
My love lives beyond the grave

No chorus ..

By sea and land, my lass, my darling
I'll be yours till the end of days
No desert sands, no guns of fury
Could ever halt the green berets!!!!!

End without Chorus, just music....

("Per Mare Per Terram" is the Latin motto of the Marine Commandos, meaning "By sea and by land..." words written on my father's headstone, since he was in 42 Commando in Malaya).

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