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'The Ladies From Hell' ©

Nick Dawson
Suffolk, England

They called them the 'Ladies From Hell', and their story I would tell
Of blood-splattered kilts and torn tartan trews on the fields of the Somme, Mons and Loos
From the highlands and lowlands they came, to fight in the Empire's name
With bayonet and gun – they would charge at the 'Hun'
Those glorious 'Ladies From Hell'


But who remembers those soldier now?
Who remembers those soldiers now?
They’ve all died and gone- each mother's son
Those glorious 'Ladies From Hell'

In the fields of France they lie, beneath a foreign sky
A name on a cross – marks one that's lost
Of those glorious 'Ladies From Hell'

May their souls lie in peace evermore
Those that answered their country's call
Their valour lives on
Though their years have long gone
Those glorious 'Ladies From Hell'

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