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The Keeper of the Flame ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Every River must find its own way to the sea
Like the soul and the spirit search to be free
There's a voice in the gale and a candle burns bright
A path through the darkness, a light in the night
See a people's history reflect in their eyes
From the ashes and embers the phoenix shall rise
There's a passion inside, like a fire it burns
The longing and pain of a country that yearns

Scotland is calling, there's much work to do
"You are your country, your country is you"
Let songs of the heart beat loud in her name
We are the ones who carry her flame
We are - we are - we are ..
The keeper - of .. the flame

When you hear the drums roll and the pipers loud play
In Princes St Gardens on a fine summer day
Or at Glasgow Green where they march side by side
Let the skirl o' the pipes fill ye with pride!
It's our people like you and people like me
We built up this country, the strong and the free
Return Caledonia in her glory and fame
In your heart is the fire of our country's flame.

The great glens and mountains of our stolen land
Belong to the people, it's what Nature planned
O wake up from the dream before it's too late
Freedom's your birth right and Freedom's your fate
Let's show them we Scots bow down to no man
Take pride in your country and let's make a stand
She calls you, she calls you, the tide's on the turn
Our day and hour comes like a new Bannockburn!

(PS: Thanks to Dr Jim McGregor for his comments on this song)

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