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The Adventures of Squeezy ©

This is a story Folksong with background music played softly by a concertina
John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

The accordion family stayed in Saxony. Squeezy was a small 8 bass, well known for such a small member of the Accordion family. He was all alone except for his mother Pianno and his father Chromatic, his grandfather was old Anglo he was the main Accordion.

One day wee Squeezy had to go to the town. He needed a few reeds added. His owner called in at Luigi's who had been the Accordion Doctor for years and attended to all the problems the Accordion family had. Every few months Squeezy needed a wee tune-up, as the big human who owned him always played with him. Squeezy enjoyed it when he sat on his owner's knee and he sung tune after tune, and even for being so small, Squeezy had a great sound of the jig and hornpipe.

This day in particular Squeezy was laid upon the shelf after he had been tried out and repaired by Luigi. As darkness came, Squeezy heard a little squeak, "What was that?" he thought. The shop was in darkness and he couldn't see anyone, and he shivered a little. He was worried in case it was "Wild Williwoodworm" coming to bury into his body. Squeezy listened carefully and again there was a "sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak."

Squeezy looked around, moved to the right, but saw nothing, moved to the left, and saw nothing again. All was quiet. A few minutes passed and then, as he nearly got back to sleep, there was a loud "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!" Well, Squeezy by now had all the reeds inside him fall off and rattle! "Who is there?" he squeaked out. He was answered by a softer squeak that sounded like a squeak for help.

Squeezy stood up straight, pulled his bellows in and clipped them closed, walked over towards the noise, and all he could see was a little round face. She looked at Squeezy and said in a short soft squeak, "It's me. Please help me. My body has fallen off the shelf and it's sore, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Squeezy smiled and said, "I will help you." So he placed his straps against his new little friend and pulled hard and hard again and again. Then suddenly Squeezy fell back on his butt. "hahahahahahahahahahaha" he shouted, and as he sat up, the sad little face was now smiling. She smiled and said, "Thank you, Squeezy. I have seen you here before. My name is Concer-Tina. I have been here for years and years. No one wants me." So Squeezy wrapped his straps around her and both cuddled into each other and it was a nice night.

Next day Squeezy's owner came into the shop and asked if Squeezy was ready. Luigi said "Yes" and grabbed at the shelf and down came Concer-tina as well. Luigi and Squeezy's owner laughed. He said "I will take that one also." So as they travelled back in the boot of the car, Squeezy looked at Concer-Tina and said, "Now we will have adventures together." And both gave a big happy SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKI. So all is well in just another day in The Adventures of Squeezy.

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