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Swans ©

(This song has been recorded by "The People's Friend" and published by Carlin Music.)

Jake Kelsey,
London, England

And though they come.
They come in fours.
Waiting at the edge, amongst the swans.
Full of bluster,
Full of straw.
The better half of sleeping,
The golden side of night,
Where secrets are defenceless,
And demons find their rest.
Without the best behind them,
Without all that falls,
We'll find ourselves amongst,
The company of swans.

And so my friend,
We'll better our dreams,
By never waking again.
We'll lay down beside the stream,
Let them come and cover us,
And with their soft release.
This is more than we could have wanted for,
To lay dying in our little acre,
Amongst the swans.

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