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A Song of Dolphins ©

(Passing Portlogan Bay, on the Rhins of Galloway)

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Swimming on the surface of the soft, silky sea;
Surfacing upon each wave that breaks free;
Running with the floodtide as the moon is full;
Brightly it shimmers silver upon our school.

Running with white horses, running with the sea;
Diving and jumping - my mate swims next to me;

We pass by Portlogan on our way to Clyde;
View the rugged coast thru flotsam on the tide;
Past the Craig and Arran, to the south of Skye
And gaze the Cuillin mountains as we swim by.

On-course for the Dornoch Firth come summer's sun,
Our journey round your green land is now begun;
Cutting thru satin-blue; diving down and deep;
Up we race in Freedom's smiling pleasure leap.

You can see us from the cliffs, jumping the blue;
We're guests, alive in paradise, just like you.
Must you turn our joy into a salt-sea tear?
So many dolphins die by man's hand each year.

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