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Some Days ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Some days
When I feel a bit low,
I could swear something special
Took the trouble to go.
Some days,
When I feel a bit sad,
It's like all of those yesterdays
Which I never had.

Cry, ever cry,
For my Frances Marie;
I cannot live without her,
She can do without me.

Some days,
By the look in your eyes,
There's no way of denying
You can see through my lies.
Some days,
When the going gets tough,
I dream you are here with me;
It's more than enough.


Some days,
Though I just give you pain,
You're too much of a lady
To need ever explain.
Some days,
When I'm weary and sore,
I relax when I'm by your side
And love you the more.


Some days,
Though life's getting me down,
You can bring my perspectives
Back to solider ground.
Some days,
When you rest in my arms,
I can taste your beauty
Like Old Testament psalms.


Some days,
Life is nothing but stress,
Then a touch or a gesture
Brings my anger to rest.
Some days
I can sense what you feel;
If there is no bright future
Let the present be real!

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