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Scottish Dawn ©

Ted Christopher

This is my land, I stand beside my brothers,
Each man here to face this day of destiny.
We answered The Bruce, not for greed and not for gain
We fight only to be free.

For days I have walked across the moorland,
Leaving far behind the glen where I was born.
And a frightened crying woman carrying my child,
I trust in God that I will live to hold my son.

This day brings a Scottish dawn,
And freedom is the right of every man.
We give our all here today, so our children can say,
"This is our land and we are Scotland's sons."

Now we will face this hour together.
We may fear, but we will never run.
We will pay the cost though many good friends will be lost.
Tomorrow, our flag will fly again.

On this Coxet Hill we gathered to the saltire.
When we are long gone, our sons of sons will say,
"They stood behind The Bruce not for greed and not for gain
but on this Borestone field they died that we be free."

So if we die here today, we die for Scotland's sons!

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