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Quines O' The Sea ©

Tune: Sweet Betsy From Fife

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

Oor men an' oor laddies
we gie tae the sea,
tae fish fer the herrin'
tae mak a bawbee.
In a' kines o' weather
thro' cauld misted air
we'll stan' on the cliffs
as their beacons o' care.

But fit div we dae
fan oor guid men are lost
an' oor wait on the cliffs
has the ultimate cost.
Div we pray tae the sea
fer tae gie up oor men,
or turn aroon hamewards
tae start o'er again.

We quines o' the North Sea
will aye wage oor worth,
an' ken at the moment
o' fan we gie birth,
that oor bairnies will be one day
be men o' the sea,
an' we'll stan'on the cliffs
like oor mithers wid dae.

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