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A Promise O'er a Stream ©

(There is a romantic tradition in Scotland that a promise over a stream by two lovers each holding a bible is accepted as a proper marriage)

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Corn was stooket in the fiel'
The sun was gang doon;
Just then I spied a bonnie lass
Walking frae the toon.
She was wrapped in her shawl
Sae raven black her hair
My heart skippet on a beat
Tae see a maid sae fair

Will ye marry me lass
Will we gang awa?
Will ye marry me, lass
Ye're sae bonnie, braw!

She was my sweetheart lover
Since we were baith at school
She pledged her heart to mine always
If I never played the fool:
Now wind may blaw; sna' may fa';
Stars may fade an' dee:
My love for her outshines them a',
She said she'd marry me.


The water's rinnin saft an' sweet;
Leaves are turnin' gold;
We'll say our vows, hand in hand
With a Bible that we hold.
And so it was, by silver Luce;
Sae fair as fae a dream;
Lo, oor marraige, was in truth
A Promise o'er a Stream!

Chorus: & end

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