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Oor Scottish Yob ©

Tune: Bonnie Dundee

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

Come burgle ma hoose
An steal frae my car
Mug an auld lady
Then lie at the Bar
An when we catch yi, yi'll lang to be free
In oor great ancient prison no far frae the sea

Yir never contented, yir sae hard tae please
Yi smash fir yir pleasure, even young trees
Y'ill steal fir a living an dae it fir fun
An sneer at guid folks whit ever thiv done

Y'ill paint on thi wa's an mak sic a mess
Pit scrapes on oor cars an cause us distress
Smash in thi windaes tae grab frae thi seat
Or jist steal oor car tae save on yir feet

Y'ill pop pills fir pleasure, pop pills fir pain
Inject wae addiction again an again
Sniff thi white poodir whit ivir thi price
An blame aw yir tempirs on its bloody vice

Y'ill drink till yi staggir, y'iIl drink tae yi faw
Fight wae yir neighbour, boast an y'ill blaw
Glass wae a tumblir or slash wae a chib
Sayin it wiznae me Officir, it wiz thi drink that did it

Y'ill kick an auld dug or beat it fir fun
Slash a wild pony tae naw let it run
Stamp a pair heid if it'll naw fit yir bill
An let thi blood run as yi Kill, Kill, Kill

Yi say yir a hard man yi run wae thi Gang
Boast o yir battles an times its gan rang
Laugh at the Polis yi'll always be free
Till thi day that yir ashes ur spread on thi sea

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