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Ode To Damart (Tongue In Cheek!) ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

We love you, Alyson Dale;
Our love is pure and true!
Most warmly yours
And all because
You do the things you do.
Your thermolactyl garments
With elasticated ends,
Help keep us warm
Through any storm;
They're our foul-weather friends.

We love you, Alyson Dale,
And gladly let the world know.
Fingerless mitts
And scarves with slits
Reduce one's heat loss so.
Your two-piece Navy thermals
Take on all that Winter sends,
While shoes and caps
Ward off cold snaps;
They're our foul-weather friends.

We love you, Alyson Dale;
You're always trying to please.
Pullovers, skirts,
And long-sleeve shirts
Means no-one has to freeze.
Your cardigans and trousers
May not follow fashion's trends,
But still we glow
Through ice and snow;
They're our foul-weather friends.

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