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My Dearie O ©

(Honed from a sprig of verse by R Burns)

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Yours am I, my lassie fair,
Yours, my lovely dearie, O;
Every heartbeat I declare;
Every rovin' fancy, O.
Ay, love is strong as the vine
That clings tae tree an' stone;
Autumn is noo yours an' mine:
While leaves on wings are blown.

Lassie, yer ma dearie O
Tae you ma love is sworn;
Lassie yer ma dearie O
Ma gentle milk-white thorn.

Night descends tae kiss the morn;
The Robin is wi' song;
Moments fade but I adorn
You a' this Winter long.
O lover's tears; lover's sighs
Like the ocean's ebb an' flow:
Sun fa's for the moon tae rise,
An' roon the seasons go.


Winter brings the biting cold;
The North Wind brings her storms:
I will bring a ring o' gold
When summer winds come warm.

Chorus: & end

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