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My Auld Grannie ©

Nancy Purves
Calgary, Canada

My auld Grannie
she called me Lassie,
and she fed me scones and tea.
She made me laugh, and to me was kind
but her favourite was young Will, young Will,
yes, her favourite was young Will.

Young Will was born
at a time forlorn,
with his Grampa gone not long before,
and young Will`s Dad sure had left her sad
by going off to the War, to the War
by going off to the War.

Those days of fear
drew those two near
in a bond that never broke,
and when she passed, Will`s young heart was dashed
but he never shed a tear, a tear
no, he never shed a tear.

Now Will is old
yet his thoughts unfold
of a loving cheerful kind
of a Grannie from Ayr,
and a Love so rare,
as he never more would find, would find
no, he never more did find.

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