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Nick Dawson
Suffolk, England

Oh brave Montrose I hear you calling
Down through the mists of endless morning
Your honour unstained your heart ever true
For your king and country your love shines through

In hope everlasting the covenant you signed
For the freedom of all dwelt deep in your mind
But stolen forever and twisted and torn
The ideals you held could never be born

You raised the king's standard and answered his call
With your small band of warriors to stand or fall
Your glory's untarnished your fame still unbound
You stand the proud servant of legend renowned

With the clans by your side and Maccolla's great sword
You marched through the highlands great mountains and fords
The flame of the king would glow ever bright
While the light of Montrose burned on through the night

But honour and courage was never enough
To quell the great hordes in the gathering dusk
Your king they took down, at the cross you were bound
Now on the roll call of honour your name will be found

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