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Molly McPhee ©

Jamie Wilson
Swansea, Wales

my name is Jack McGlone
I was half a mile from home
from my wee butt 'n' ben in Inverurie
when I spied a maiden fair
tartan ribbons in her hair
she came dancin thru the mist just like a fairy,

I asked the lass her name,
and if she was ga'n hame
would she mind for a while if I could tarry
as she walked by my side
heard the skirlin' o' the pipes
then I knew this love for her I'll always carry,

I said Molly McPhee
come away an bide wi' me
reach out an soothe a hert that's achin
Molly McPhee
if I get doon on bended knee
if I gie yi my hawn wi'd ye no take it.

she threw back her hair
gave aff a vixen stare
said I'm betrothed tae a shepherd in the valley
but my hert jumped oot my chest
she said my words are a' in jest
ther is nae shepherd waitin in the valley


nine years hiv passed us bye
she's still the apple o' mi eye
five laddies an a lass my lady bore me
here by her side I lay
we laugh back oan that day
when I asked fir her hand
she did'nae know me, when I said


"so i gied her my hawn an she did take it"

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