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Massacre of Glencoe ©

Patrick McDonagh
Merrimack, NH, USA

Verse 1
In Scotland's old haunted glens
lived a breed of warrior men
the brave MacDonalds of Glencoe
defied the laws of a cruel foe.

Verse 2
They were hard men brave and strong
from somerled their reign was long
and in the night their English foe
committed the Massacre of Glencoe.

Verse 3
Under Robert Campbell of Glenlyon
Argyll's troops committed the crime
in the cold darkness MacDonalds died
wives and children by their sides

Verse 4
In the dead of night old MacLain
in his bed he was slain
the chief of the Clan of Glencoe
murdered by his cowardly foe.

Verse 5
Willaim of Orange may you rot in hell
in the burning fires with old Cromwell
and may the Campbells of Glenlyon
burn with you for your cruel crimes.

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