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Magic Castles ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

There were rains
And floods,
Plus a host of things
For which I
Didn't have a prayer.
Lightning flashed
As rivers ran,
And I saw
Magic castles
In the air.
There were days
Of pain,
There were days
Of joy,
But still I
Didn't once complain.
Through my eyes I
Could see, re-formed,
Those magic castles
Once again.

I seldom knew
Where I was
Going to;
Often used
To drift.
With my nose
Pressed hard
To the quilted yard,
I could find
That would lift.

There was peace
And war;
With a long-held hope
I'd take a breath
And give a care.
I blew the froth
From timeless
Dreams, and I
Saw magic castles
In the air.
In my heart I
Flew through deep
Canyon walls,
They swirled
As far as I
Could view.
At the end,
Floating free
And high
Were magic castles
Shining through.

We rarely see,
With any
That we
Must pursue.
With my nose
Pressed hard
To the quilted yard,
I found
Great moments
That were true.

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