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Lullaby of Drummossie Moor (Culloden) ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Hush ma dearie, now gently go tae sleep
Since Daddy's gone a' ye dae is weep
Hush ma dearie, now dinna dinna cry
Yer far too young tae ken the reason why
Yer Daddy's gone, wi' his sword in his hand
Tae Culloden field, tae join the last stand.

Hush ma dearie, now don't you shed a tear
Yer Daddie's gone but yer Mammie's here
A Jacobite widow, proud o' her name -
Hush ma dearie - ye are no' tae blame!

Hush ma dearie, now a' oor kith and kin
Are gathered fast - our Freedom for to win
Hush ma dearie, they faced the English foe
Your Daddie fell down, in the freezin' snow.
The guns are now quiet, ma wee daughter
The snow is so red with all the slaughter...

Hush ma dearie, yer Mammie's on the run
Frae covert and hill, wi' a loaded gun -
Hush ma dearie, we'll be safe by the morn
I hear horses' hoofs and a hunter's horn
They've cut down women and children too
I will die first - they'll never get you!

Hush ma dearie, yer Daddie's sleeping now
Clans are broken - to the English we bow
Hush ma dearie, the day is gonna come
When right is might and we'll beat the drum
Foreign rulers will rue the deed they've done
There'll never be peace till Freedom is won!

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