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Leaving You Now ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

How many can claim
They have found
A new love,
Then see it fade
Quickly away?
All this in
The space of but
One fleeting breath;
Is anyone willing to say?
Have you ever gazed
On a sweet
Smiling face,
A-shine with a love
Pure and true,
Only to find
All those dreams
Slip away;
A dream
That was there
Just for you?

Leaving you now
Only serves to break
My heart in two.
Pain long fills me,
Yet what else was there
That I should do?
I know I failed
You, with words
Over-reaching my deeds,
But you're now my life,
My everything,
The focus which
Every heart needs.
To fight my way back
Is the objective now,
The one thing
I really must do,
Even though
(As I believe)
I've forever lost you.

Have I forever
Forfeit her love?
Am I the one
She's still thinking of?
Will I see her
Once more,
Will I fail
As before?
Shall you and I
Ever be one?

How greatly I long
To dissolve in the air,
Because by her side
I would stay,
Unknown, unrevealed,
Like A shadow I'd be;
Forever with her,
Night and day.
You gave to me peace
From my wandering ways
And all I can
Say is, somehow,
That I will atone
In full for the pain
You must feel
At my leaving you now.

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