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Laken's Song ©

(For the author's twin daughter, born 16th Dec 1994)

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

The fires of Spring brought you my child
My heart was yours when you first smiled
To see you and hold you in my arms
I was spellbound within your charms:
Each of us is a flame aglow
Different as every flake of snow

O turn around and you will see
I am you and you are me
Your eyes like rivers I cannot trace
One child is the human race

Life is a gift renewed each day
Cherish each moment, as you find your way
The stars they sparkle in your eyes
I know one day you'll realize
That beauty is truth, what e'er the cost
Honesty's reward is never lost:

Run thru Autumn's woods of gold
Cherish winter's snowdrops cold
Dance in Spring, your heart anew
Summer will bring its love to you
Weather life's storms and survive
May your glory in being alive

O my dear lass, what can I say
Each river runs its own way
Love your sister and brother too
And they'll return their love to you
If I fall like Autumn's leaf - (remember)
Love's forever, but life is brief.

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