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The Girl o' The Gypsy Charms ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

(For Margaret)

O summer nights are fading
Winter's frost is near
In a dream I think I held you
My lost and lovely dear
O your hair, black as night,
So long and falling free
With wild gypsy eyes
You lay and slept with me.

O when will I see you again
And hold you in my arms
When angels sing amen, amen
O girl o' the gypsy charms

No one will ever know my dear
These tears like morning dew
Only once in a lifetime
Comes a love such as you
You made me feel fulfilled
Contented to the core
There'll never be another
If I should see you more.


You know the heart's eternal song
Love's well so dark and deep
It's with you I belong my dear
This heart for you I keep
O does my memory fail me
Were you fantasy or real?
Alone I wait beside this tree
With a fever that I feel

Chorus twice and end

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