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The Ghosts of Culloden ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

(This is adapted from Ilsa Grant's song of the same title employing her chorus, but with new verses to the same tune: so apologies and compliments to her. It was inspired by Scotland's great ballad singer Kirk James of Chapelhall who will be singing this version during his new Scottish show).

'Can you hear them? Can you see them
Marching proudly, across the moor?
Hear the wind blow, thru the driftin snow
Can you see them, the Ghosts of Culloden?'

Scotland's flag was raised, by Loch Sheil.
Our King's come hame, to claim his crown.
Our Clans rallied round, wi' avenging steel;
But blood would flow now, on Scottish ground.


Men wi' honor marched, to the battle field.
Outnumber'd 5-1, they fought wi' pride.
Hear their swords clash on blood red shields!
For Cal-e-donia, they fell and died.


This is our requiem, to our countrymen!
And to their women, and their children too.
They were burn'd an' clear'd from each Hielan glen!
Can you feel their heartbeat inside of you?

Chorus: & end

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