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The Gannet's Last Song ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Written on seeing the carnage of sea birds wrought by the 1991 oil slick
which washed up on the Galloway coast from Corsewall Point to the Mull of Galloway.

I see the other seabirds fly
Soft glidin' thru the air;
Motionless in the summer sky
An' long to join them there.
I see young gannet's boldly dive,
Like arrows from on high;
The cliffs are bustling an' alive
Wi' the herring gull's cry.

O, the sea it calls me -
It's where I belong:
In the wind an' the waves -
You will hear my song.

Gullimuts - like cards a-fallin'
Fast fulmers dodge an' weave;
No-one hears my hopeless callin' -
Black oil gives no reprieve.
These heavy wings bring heavy heart
And how I long to be
Winging across the waves to dart
Fish in a blue-green sea.

My coat of death - it sticks to me;
Proud feather lay serene;
I cannot move; I cannot see:
My spirits fade and dream.
Yon rock I stood is vacant now;
My nest I'll never reach;
My mate and young will not know how
I died upon this beach.

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