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Existence ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Lend me a picture of your face
And I will do the best I can
To leave it in some public place;
Will others see you as I plan?
Each part of you is really kind,
And I'll go on remembering
Your fresh complexion in my mind,
Until the year's Decembering.

Post your love
In a brown suit-case,
Your sweetness
In an envelope,
Your essence
None can truly place;
Is a periscope.

Help me spread
Your love around,
Doubtless many
Will be found
Needing someone
Just like you;
Let them all know
What is true.
For your death
The world will weep,
So by my bed
Your eyes I'll keep;
Balanced on a wooden broom,
They'll condemn me
'Til my doom.

This world would never bother me,
Were you to show me just one smile,
Or grace me with your company -
It really would be all worth-while.
Continue life, I must not cry
Until you call me with a sign;
I never ask the reason why
Your total sum is equal mine.

So leave me to
My own device,
Don't torture me
With thoughts of gain;
Existence is
Too high a price
To live a life
Pursued in vain.

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