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Elemental Symphony; Part 4 ©


Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Behold the
Of the seas,
Their distance
But a haze;
Rejoice in all
That majesty,
Changing ways.
In times long
Gone from memory,
Through waters
Dark and cold,
A tentative
Bright spark
Of life
Took hold.

When humans first
On ancient shores
Did view the
Foaming rage,
An instinct born
To thereon roam
Was kindled,
What lay beyond
Horizons far,
And past the
Headlands green?
Upon some islet
Barely scanned,
Did others
Likewise dream?
None of these
Were things we knew,
Nor things that
We could tell,
But subtle minds
Devised the means;
Great plans
Began to jell.

When curiosity's
Full answer
Do we seek.
With human thoughts
To oceans turned,
Such progress
They would make.
So did hollowed
Tree trunks, carved,
Their sails of
Skin unfurled,
Become the clipper,
Schooner, barque,
Which later
Roamed the world.
That day unknown
As land first slipped
To learn what
Lay beyond,
No longer were
We Earth-confined;
All water now
Our bond!

What seemed to be
Which separated men,
Preventing their
Became a highway then.
More men have stood
On lunar soil
Than on the
Ocean's floor,
How rarely has
Such distance short
Been so hard
To endure.
What lies below
That outward mask
Which falsely
Shines serene?
How many tragedies
Took place,
What dramas
Has it seen?
Though we explore
Far distant worlds
In humanity's
Epic scheme,
All else may with
Their secrets part,
But water
Reigns supreme.

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