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Elemental Symphony; Part 3 ©


Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Humans viewed the Earth
In terms of walking,
As distance measured
Where a prey might hide.
The Earth was studied
As an aid to stalking,
For hunters put all
Other thoughts aside.
Thus it was for
Countless generations,
Thus it seemed it would
Be evermore;
Skills developed
Through co-operation
In analysing movement,
Track, and spoor.
Yet every age holds one
With mind created
To think beyond its time;
This should be so.
Unfortunate are those
Fate designated,
Oft ridicule pursues them
Where they go.
When came that moment?
None can surely say
But such a one was scorned
For planting seeds.
What turned those thoughts
From living day to day,
To learn that Earth
Supplied us with our needs?

From humblest blade of grass
To mightiest tree,
From darting wasp
To swiftly running horse.
Life's cradle on all worlds
Where life may be,
Death's bearer when each spark
Has run its course.
How petty, then, emotions
Which brightly burn,
How often are ideals
Just words alone.
Vain-glory counts for nought
While planets turn,
Worlds still revolve
For all the hatred shown.
Yes, Earth shall endure
When all else fades away,
Great Empires topple,
Cultures fail to bloom.
Let creatures come,
Hold their momentary sway;
Cold Earth will hide
Each trace of every doom.
Tall structures crumble,
Fresh buildings take their place,
Great hopes mis-managed,
New thoughts freshly sown.
Earth makes us humble
At its own selected pace,
Upon distant worlds
No less than on our own.

As in days of old
The gods still now demand;
Thousand-year ambitions
Filter down,
Through dust and sand.
Those whose hearts
Were frozen,
Eternity their dream,
Bowed are they
And broken,
Kissed by Time's
Unaltered scheme.

So Earth, in whom
All things must finally rest,
Denied your care
We beings could not fend.
Don't mock life
For its trivial ways,
Don't jest;
You are the one beginning,
Only end.

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