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Elemental Symphony; Part 2 ©


Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Seek the wisdom
Of the sages
With regard to
What we fear,
Bid them answer,
Tell you truly
What inspires
Dread to call.
Whispered down
The hallowed ages
Listen as they
Answer, hear
What they have to say
For surely
Confidence alone
Wins all.

Came the answer I awaited,
Pounding heart, my breath abated;
What is it now that we all dread?
This, then, what the sages said:

"Here, replying to your query,
Is the answer you've requested;
We aren't here to pander to you,
Fire is the thing that knew you!
Fire's that which all are dreading,
None know how they will react.
Practice, oft the curse of theory,
Has the heart and spirit tested
When the lapping flames are feasting
On a resolution lacked."

Some believe
That at the dawn
Of human times
When thought was born,
Hominids knew
The awesome might of fire.
Overcoming inhibitions,
Dark and deep-felt
Within our hearts there
Grew but one desire.
How could we
By some devising,
Clever methods
Control and tame
The miracle
Of its power?
That they did we know;
In some way
Came an answer,
Did it some day
Occupy their every
Waking hour?

All at fire's breath are frightened,
Both the haughty and the humble,
Yet, though being all-consuming,
Similarly forges steel.
Some will falter,
Some are heightened,
Some will strengthen,
Some will crumble;
Yet the flames are unassuming,
They develop what they feel.

That is why
We all dread fire,
Brave words often
Guard the liar,
Giving vain impressions
Of false glory.
Those who fill themselves
With splendour
Often, in distress,
Demonstrating quite
A different story.

Fire warm
And fire bright,
Let not the
Darkness near me;
Sweep away
The blank of gloom
And comfortingly
Cheer me.

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