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Elemental Symphony; Part 1 ©


Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

The world revolves
With every passing hour,
While on its crust
The people go their way.
For both the led
And those who hold the power,
So little seems to change
From day to day.
Yet common thread
Embraces us, unseen.
It touches all,
Enfolds each soul as one.
That pure Breath of Heaven
Which flows between
All vast extremes,
Now has your song begun.

Negative ions
In the atmosphere
Help make your mind
Become more clear.
Give me lightning
Or give me thunder
Filling the mind
With awe and wonder,
Lifting up people's
Spirits higher,
Higher than any
Cathedral spire.
Negative ions
In the atmosphere
Help make your mind
Become more clear.

Positive ions
In the atmosphere
Make you sleepy
And oh, so drear.
Give me a warm
And a dreamy Summer,
Driving the nerves
As the senses dumber;
What Summer does is
Make you drowse more,
Nod your head
While your eye-lid bows more.
Positive ions
In the atmosphere
Make you sleepy
And oh, so drear.

What is there to see,
What is there to know?
What is there to be,
And where then shall we go?
The only way is up,
The only way is down.
The only way is through,
While the only way is round.

From my window, viewing all,
I sat one day, reclining;
On the night air came the call
Of energies entwining.
Gently starts the woodland song
As one more day is ending,
Whispered in its secret tongue:
"The curtain's now descending!"
Take my hand as I'll take yours,
The better thus to marvel;
Give one moment's deepest pause
On matters to unravel.

We must all concentrate
On convictions wide and strong,
Knowing what is our fate
When events are proven wrong.
We must all understand
What is drawing us apart,
I have but one demand -
Hold me closer, take my heart.

There's a light in the trees,
There's a calmness in my mind,
There's a scent on the breeze
Spreading music on the wind.
Seven clouds in the sky
Going to I know not where;
See them pass as we lie,
Weaving magic in the air.

From the cool of eventide's finish
Languishing in its soothing balm,
Prevelant tensions soon diminish
Disentangled by the calm.
In the swathes of night we are lonely,
Vistas apart for all to see;
Who'll reach out, and touch us, only?
What price now despondency?

Sing, sing, let all rejoice
The glories of creation;
Make your song, with single voice,
Resound through every nation.
What shall sorrow bring
But more sorrow, darkness
And gloom, but misery?
Evenings herald
But one tomorrow;
As with you, it is with me.
Glory then to life,
So glory now to living;
Glory then to love,
So glory now to giving!
Glory thus to freedom,
Dignity and prayer;
May they one day
Be as you are,
Breath of Heaven -

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